It is simple to nominate online

Take a look through the awards categories and if you have a colleague you believe should be acknowledged for their outstanding contribution to the smooth running and professionalism of their operation you can nominate online.  In addition to the nomination form, please prepare an A4 script giving the key reasons why you are nominating the candidate, making sure this covers all the points in the category’s criteria and answers the set of questions relating to the category.

You can also include information and examples of outstanding contributions to our industry i.e. success stories in training; participation as either a competitor or a judge in competitions; accolades received; recognition from food guides and media; involvement in charitable or industry organisations; or a sample of thank you letters from customers where the nominee is highly praised.

To ensure that the judging takes account of all the attributes of each nomination and in turn delivers an objective result please ensure that all nominations include the following information where available and applicable:-

1. How has the nominee made a contribution to their business over and above their job

2. Please describe the qualities that make the nominee special and stand out from others – what’s their USP

3. Please supply statistical and quantitative information appropriate to the category which clearly describes the dimensions of the nominee’s position and achievements. Dependant on the category this will include:

  •  Reporting lines, no of reports
  •  No of covers/transactions/sales/profit figures – budget achievement
  •  Staff retention percentages and successes within their brigade

4. Describe how your nominee has contributed to both the industry and the local community or the community at large. As an example this may include mentoring; judging; charitable activity; community activity; championing a  cause (e.g. provenance/ local/ sustainable/ educational)

Please upload your supporting information when you submit your nomination form.